The JCC School of Dance strives to reach the highest standards of dance education possible while creating a caring and nurturing environment for our students. We hope that our students will learn to respect and love dance as a form of communication and expression, whether they are aspiring performers or simply taking class to experience the sheer joy of movement. Classes are taught in an environment where each student is encouraged to do the very best that he or she can, thus promoting self-confidence. Technique and proper body alignment are stressed, as well as creativity and a positive learning experience.

*Non-members must be atleast 11 years old to participate in the Dance School.

For more information contact:
Allyson Carolan | Dance Director | 201.408.1495 |
Jill Monaco | Dance Administrator | 201.569.7900 ext. 437 |
Ruth Yung| Dance Administrator | 201.408.1418 |

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