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Registration for EMEK is now open. In order to register please fill in the registration form and return it to Aya Shechter at the JCC.

The program cost $1190 for Members and $1450 for Non-members. There is an additional $90 charge for books. All of our books are being delivered from Israel.

The price of the program includes 33 clsses and 10 holiday celebrations and events that are supplementing the program.

When you register to EMEK we require a deposit of $290/$370 (member/non-member) and the $90 for the books. The rest of the payment will be charged in September. We will work with families who would like to devide payments on an individual basis. Please contact Aya Shechter directly to discuss this option.

The registration for the program is for a full year and there is no prorating option for missing classes.

In case of cancellation of your registration prior to the begining of the year and in the first three months of the program, the payment of the deposit and books will not be returned but you will not be charged for the rest of the year. Cancellations between December and March will allow for a prorated return of payment minus administrative fee. After March 2015 there will be no refunds.

Acceptance of students after the begining of the school year would be based on openings in the program as well as evaluation of Hebrew and competability with the existing class.


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Emek Deposit

Emek Deposit
$290.00 Member
$370.00 Nonmember
For more information, or to register, please call 201.569.7900.

Emek Books

Emek Books
$90.00 Member
$90.00 Nonmember
For more information, or to register, please call 201.569.7900.