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מורות כיתה א-ו
עירית יזהר- עירית, מורה מוסמכת בעלת תואר ראשון בחינוך ממכללת אחווה. עירית התמחתה בהוראת הלשון העברית והכנה לבגרות בחטיבות הביניים ובתי הספר התיכוניים. בעברה המקצועי שילבה את הוראת הלשון במסגרות שונות ביניהם פרויקטים חינוכיים בבתי ספר יסודיים ובמסגרות חינוך בלתי פורמליות.
במהלך שהותה בארצות הברית, עירית לימדה את השפה העברית תלמידים בגילאים שונים, תוך מתן דגש על הקניית יכולות הקריאה והכתיבה בשפה ויצירת זיקה לתרבות הישראלית. עירית מתגוררת בפיירלון עם בעלה ושני ילדיהם.
זהבה גל- אנא ראו תיאור מעלה

EMEK staff:

The teachers:

Galit Goldberg: Galit owns a certified teaching degree from “Seminar hakibuzim” college. Galit has been teaching reading and writing skills for ten years in both kibutz and democratic school system. During the last seven years Galit has developed a unique Hebrew teaching probram called “Hebrew with Galit”. Hundreds of students participated in the program over the years, varying from kindergarten to seventh grade.
As a result, Galit got to specialize in teaching reading and writing skills for kids who don’t use Hebrew as their first language. By using programs that combine Hebrew with jewish and Israeli culture she was able to give the kids much more than reading and writing skills.
Galit will be the school curriculum’s consultant and will implement her comprehensive experience through teaching, accompanying and supporting the staff. 
Galit has four kids (kindergarten to eight’s grade) and lives in Tenafly.

Hadar Ben Meir: Hadar is a graduate of “Seminar Hakibuzim” with a special education teaching certificate. Hadar also officiates parents’ groups and works as an after birth parents’ consultant. She’s a mother of two and lives in Tenafly.
Hadar is highly experienced with early childhood education, by using challenging yet fun methods of teaching. In her past, Hadar has been teaching kindergarten kids and her last position in Israel was a kindergarten teacher in Kibbutz Gezer.

Zehava Gal: Zehava is a certified teacher with a rich teaching experience for various age groups (kindergarten to high school).
In the past she has been teaching Hebrew in the  “Solomon Shechter” school.
These days, she is a Hebrew school manager in Bergen county, teaching in the jewish federation ulpan and teaches at the “Nizanim” Hebrew school in Fair Lawn.

Yael Kfir (Zuker): Yael is a “Seminar Hakibbuzim” certified teacher, and owns a B.A of Film and television from Tel-Aviv university. Yael is a mother of two and lives in Fair Lawn.
Yael has a ten years experience of teaching elementary to high school students in Israel. Yael owns a broad knowledge of film history and critics teaching and brings with her a new and more fun way of learning.

Irit Izhar- A certified teacher with experience in teaching different age groups. Irit served as a teacher in Israel and NJ for many years and lives in Fair Lawn NJ.

Teaching assistants

Alongside the teacher, there will be an assistant for each class that accedes a certain number of students (by the criteria for number of participants as implied in the information for parents page).
The assistant’s job is to help the teacher by enabling a meaningful learning experience for both individual student needs and the class as a unit.
Our assistants are well qualified with education tasks, and working with kids both in Hebrew and in English.






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