Aya I. Shechter, Director ext. 1427
Gili Grady, Youth Shlicha ext. 1428

The Israeli Center serves as a home away from home for Israelis living in Bergen County and the surrounding area. The goal is to strengthen the bonds between the Israelis and Americans in the community by collaborating with other JCC departments to infuse our programming with a deeper connection to Israel. All programs are in Hebrew unless otherwise stated.

המרכז הישראלי בג’י סי סי הוא מקום בו ישראלים יכולים להרגיש בבית ולהישאר
מחוברים לתרבות וזהות ישראלית. זהו מקום מפגש לישראלים ואמריקאים החיים
כאן אך אינם רוצים לאבד את הקשר למדינת ישראל ולישראליות. המרכז שואף
להביא את המיטב מישראל אל הקהילה המקומית ולהוות מקור לחיזוק הקשר
לישראל דרך תוכניות תרבות איכותיות ופעילויות מגוונות וכן להוות נקודת חיבור
בין ישראלים לאמריקאים ובין יהודים אמריקאים למדינת ישראל.

Free books in Hebrew

With close to a thousand (1,000) families on our waiting list, Sifriyat Pijama B’America™ (SP-BA) is re-launching and registering new families nationwide, with children 3-6 year old, to receive free Hebrew books monthly, during the 2012-2013 School Year. The books are published in Israel and are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Israeli Center for Libraries.
Here is the link to the Sifriyat Pijama B’America™ video on YouTube: Additional information of how to register for the monthly FREE HEBREW BOOKS please go to
The free, high-quality Hebrew children's literature and music that promote Jewish Values & heritage are mailed to families across the United States on a monthly basis. The amount of available subscriptions, beyond the existing waiting list, is limited and families are going to be enrolled on first come, first served basis. To find
The mission statement of our program is to reach the whole Israeli-American Community in the United States in order to: 1) to attract unaffiliated Israeli-American families and encourage them to get involved in Jewish education; 2) to contribute to existing Israeli programing at Jewish Day Schools; and 3) to assist in establishing Hebrew as the language of the Jewish People. 
In order to ensure the success of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, we’ve connected nationwide with about 25 well-known Jewish Day Schools that will promote the participating in the program by organizing registration events and follow-up reading and activity events (List of Affiliated Schools is attached). We have Affiliated Schools in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, the Bay Area, San Diego, Chicago, Washington DC, Phoenix, Denver, and more cities across the US.

To find additional information of how to register for the monthly FREE HEBREW BOOKS please go to

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