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To arrange for any of the private lessons listed below, please call Judy at 201-408-1457.

Private Bridge Lessons
Learn at your own pace with your own group of up to four people. Lessons for six people available at a slightly higher charge. Benefactors pay for private classes. Minimum $100/$120 per one-hour session.

Private Dance Lessons with Michiel Murkofsky
Is a special occasion part of your future plans? Michiel will work with you to create your won special dance and make you comfortable doing it. $80/$95 per hour per couple.

Private Painting with Paulette Cochet
Enjoy painting at your own pace with one-on-one instruction created specifically for you! Develop skills to meet your specific goals with direction and clear, supportive guidance. Open to all levels and interests. Individual attention and personalized instruction can make the difference. Private lessons available Tuesday mornings weekday evenings or Sunday. 

Private Computer Lessons with Irene Carleton
Do you feel frustrated by your computer, wishing you could advance to the next level or at least master the basics? We have the cure. We will teach you to work with your computer at the JCC Computer Center or in the comfort of your own home* on your own computer. Learn at your own pace, everything from Apple to Windows. $65/$75 per hour.  *Note: Geographical restrictions apply to home visits.

Private Sewing Lessons with Belle Mell
This is an opportunity to learn to sew anything you want, from simple garments, to tailored suits or even couture gowns.  Personalized learning ensures you learn exactly what you want on your own timetable at the JCC. $125 for a 1 hour class, also available for 2 people for $175.

Private Dog Training with Amanda Berk
The best bang for your bark!  Amanda will teach you and your dog how to co-exist peacefully, and lovingly learn the basic skills of a well trained dog in your own home.  Training Session approximately 1 ½ hours.  Single sessions:  $100/$120;     Series of 3 sessions: $250/$300