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Emek Hebrew and Israeli Culture program, is an educational after-school program and a community cultural center with an Israeli emphasis. The name of the school is an acronym, with the first letter "Ayin" (ע) stands for "Ivrit" (Hebrew), the second letter "Mem" (מ) stands for "Moreshet" (Tradition) and the third letter "Kuf" (ק) stands for "Kehila" (Community).

We strive to teach modern, spoken Hebrew at the highest educational level while strengthening the connection between the community and the Israeli culture together with fostering social connections in an enriching and experiential environment.

We offer classes for kids with and without prior background in Hebrew.

For kids with Hebrew background we offer classes for K-9th grade. For Non-native Hebrew speakers we offer:

 “Milk and Honey” (for ages 5-6)- A class for Non-native Hebrew speakers. The class is open to kids in Kindergarten and First grade and is taught by a certified teacher experienced with teaching Hebrew to kids with no Hebrew background from home.

“My Family Story” (for ages 11-13)- an international program of “Beit Hatfutzot” in which the teens explore their family story and how it relates to the story of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. The program leads to a creation of an art project that tells the story of the student’s family which will be displayed at the JCC. Two chosen projects will be sent to Israel to be displayed in ‘

“Tachles” (A Hebrew slang word meaning “to the point”) (for ages 16-22)- A spoken Hebrew Class for teens and young adults (two groups, starting at 10th grade). This class, run by the Israeli Jewish Agency “Shlicha” combines Modern Hebrew with Israel education. The program was developed by the World Zionist Organization specifically for young adults who may travel to Israel or want to interact with Israelis on a basic level.

All classes start in September.


For more information please call Aya at 201-408-1427