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All children 5 years and older must be swim-tested before enrolling in a swim class unless they hold a Red Cross card indicating their current level. If your child is at a higher level for his/her age they may join the older class. Make-up classes are only scheduled if a class has been cancelled by the JCC.

Swim Lessons: Private and Semi-Private

Lessons must be paid for at the Courtesy Desk in advance (no refunds).

30-minute lesson $54
Three 30-minute lessons $150
Five 30-minute lessons $250

30-minute lesson $80
Five 30-minute lessons $350

Privates for Special Needs
30-minute lesson: $61/$71
Ten 30-minute lessons: $560 (members only)

By appontiment.

For more information, or to register, please call 201.408.1473.