SCHOOL’S OUT! MINI CAMP FUN DAYS                                                                                                                      Children and teens with autism and other cognitive and developmental delays, with self-help skills to independently participate within a 1:3 staffing ratio enjoy gym & swim, art, music and movies during the program.                                                                                                                                                                                  Ages 8-21          Tuesday - Thursday          June 24-26 , 2014      9 am-3 pm         $120/$150 per day                     All participants $150 per day after 6/15/2014

A summer afternoon program for children and teens with autism and other intellectual and developmental delays who attend extended school year programs. Activities include gym, swim, art, music, and more within a 1:3 staffing ratio. A minumum of four participants required for this program.
Ages 8-21    Monday-Thursday     July 7-31, 2014   2:30-5 pm     $75 per day

If you have any questions or need further information about fees, payment, or to register, contact: Shelley Levy, Special Services Director, ext. 1489 |

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