Neil Klatskin Day Camp
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What are your ratios?

Our 3 and 4 year old campers are in groups of 12-16 campers. Each group has a head counselor, a senior counselor and one or two junior counselors depending on group size. Ratio is 1:5.

Our Kindergarten campers have 3 counselors per group. Each group has a head counselor, senior counselor, and junior counselor. Ratio is 1:5.

Campers in grades 1-2 have a minimum of 2 counselors per group. Ratio is 1:6.

Specialty campers have a head coach or instructor who is an expert in the field, and 2-3 counselors per group.

All counselors are present at the pool and go swimming with the campers. Additionally, at least two lifeguards are on duty at all times (instructional and free swim) and there are two swim instructors per group.

What do we do when it rains?

Since NKDC is on site at the JCC, we just move our program indoors! If there’s a passing thunderstorm, we simply move our program inside until the storm has passed. If it rains all day, we move indoors and enjoy special programming, including an entertainer for part of the day. We love to swim and knowing how important this skill is to our camp families, we try to schedule swim time in our indoor pools whenever possible.

What does our swim program look like?

We follow the American Red Cross swim program starting with their preschool levels through junior lifeguard. All campers 3-2nd grade have instructional swim daily (except on rainy days). Counselors and lifeguards swim with the campers during instructional swim. Twice a summer we send a link to Swimgen that outlines your camper's progress. Specialty campers do not have swim instruction.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch is everyone’s favorite! We serve a hot, kosher, nut free lunch every day. There is always a main course (mac & cheese, veggie burger, quesadillas, fish sticks, etc.), yogurt, salad, fruit and an additional option of bagels and plain pasta. Click here to see the lunch menu.

How do we keep in touch during the summer?

We regularly post on our camp Facebook page. Before camp starts someone from our administrative team will reach out to you and once camp begins, you will hear from your camper’s senior counselor. If your child is a preschool camper, you will hear from them every other week, and if your camper is in Kindergarten or older, you will hear from them once in July and once in August. You will also receive The Klatskin Chronicle, our weekly email newsletter, which highlights the week, as well as regular updates as needed. Of course, you are always more than welcome to call the camp office, too. We’re here and happy to help.

Who is on the camp bus with my camper?

All camp buses are staffed by at least one camp counselor who is equipped with a camp cell phone that allows you or them to be in touch if anyone is running a little late.