Israel Advocacy

NJ Media Room: a non-partisan effort to build an organized online community of pro-Israel activists

What is the NJ Media Room?
A joint project of the IAC New Jersey with Act.IL in partnership with the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, the NJ Media Room brings together pro-Israel activists for the goal of creating an online community that will act to create a positive influence on the international public opinion about the state of Israel via social media platforms while learning about the challenges in Israel advocacy.

This NJ media room will serve as physical spaces for training and activating volunteers to take part in local online pro-Israel activities.

The Media Room’s activities will be guided by volunteer mentors from our community who have domain expertise in research, journalism, technology and education. The mentors will guide an elite diplomacy team made up of Students Ambassadors (ages 16-24). The team will develop Israel awareness campaigns and will react to local anti-Israel and BDS activities. The team will also develop a network of activists from within the community who will take an active part in the Media Room’s efforts.

Want to get involved? Looking for a way to have more of an impact in helping Israel stand up to BDS, apartheid, and anti-Semitic rhetoric? Become a Mentor, Student Ambassador* or Community Volunteer!

The Media Room will have its kick-off training seminar for Mentors & Student Ambassadors.

The Media Room team will start its community outreach on January 2020, with bi weekly workshops. Mentors and Ambassadors will be a part of weekly training sessions, community volunteers must commit to coming to one training, all other participation is on your own via Act.IL App and according to your time availability.

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